Work With Me



I offer a number of consulting services to people on the spectrum, as well as those individuals in their support system, including:

  • Individualized support navigating programs and the services available to you, as well as help in forming a “road map”

  • Customized strategies and action plans to address the most stressful aspects of life

  • Education for individuals, parents, teachers, and professionals

  • Guide people and parents to proper community activities and groups

  • Support in managing areas including depression, anxiety, meltdowns, shutdowns, transitions, puberty, socializing, reasonable adjustments, employment, education, sensory processing, relationships, and MUCH more!

Life Planning

As an autistic person, and professional in the worlds of human services and gerontology, I spend a lot of time considering the intersections of disability and the aging process and thinking about just how important is it to have a well-laid out plan for the future.

A written life plan assists in making sure that your or your child’s needs are made completely known by future caregivers or those who may be supporting you/them. Since no one knows what the future may hold, it’s vital that a written life plan is created for yourself or your loved one. A life plan assists us in addressing a number of questions. You know, those big ones that creep up in the back of your mind, but you never really know how to address. Questions like “What will happen to my support system/caregivers in the future” or “what will happen to my child after I’m gone or if I can no longer care for them?” A life plan is essentially a detailed plan discussing the personal needs and preferences of the individual, as well as intentions for future care throughout the remainder of one’s life. In doing this, it also makes clear the legal and financial arrangements made on the individual’s behalf.

If you’re wanting a thorough, well-laid out plan that will bring you peace of mind about the future, I can help get you there. I will meet you where you are, no matter where you are. We will chat on the phone, via email, or FaceTime, whichever works for you. We will go through every single detail so that by the end, you are confident in your plan!

IEP Coaching

Navigating through the IEP process can prove to be quite tricky and overwhelming. As a professional IEP Coach, I  help to create meaningful education plans and to simplify the IEP process for both parents and staff, so you are able to take a breath and see the support and desired outcomes for your student more quickly than you may have ever thought possible! I assist you in getting the support that your child needs with less conflict, assist with advocacy letters, help you to prep for IEP meetings, and more. We can chat on the phone, via email, or FaceTime, or a combination of these.