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Sensory Diets

I was speaking with someone in a social media group the other day who was discussing her daughter's sensory sensitivities and was essentially asking for advice on what she could do to help her daughter. One of the things that I recommended to her was a sensory diet. Now, I'm familiar with what a sensory… Continue reading Sensory Diets

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I very briefly mentioned the word 'stim' in my last post,  and I thought that I would take a little bit to expand on what stimming is, what it may look like, etc. Stimming, also called self-stimulation or more clinically stereotypy, is a repetitive movement or sound that autistic people make. All autistic people stim.… Continue reading Stimming

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Shutdowns + Meltdowns

In my last post, I discussed sensory overload and the fact that if sensory overload occurs, and isn't addressed using supports and techniques specific to my needs, or the needs of the person at hand, it can result in meltdowns, shutdowns, or both. Essentially, shutdowns are a specific type of meltdown. They come from a… Continue reading Shutdowns + Meltdowns

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Sensory Overload

In my post, Atypical Sensory Processing 101, I mentioned that with the autistic/SPD brain the things that get filtered through our sensory gates are an amalgam of relevant and irrelevant, and I described all of the processing of these inputs that our brains do AT ONCE. These sensory triggers can very easily lead to sensory… Continue reading Sensory Overload

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Atypical Sensory Processing 101

You Guys. I was SO THANKFUL when they--you know, the awesome makers--came out with tagless, seamless clothing items. I remember consistently needing to have the tags cut out of all of my clothing as a child to the point of my parents eventually pulling the tags out as soon as they were purchased. But I… Continue reading Atypical Sensory Processing 101